Custom Brochures Design

Custom Brochures Design

Custom designed brochures are really effective in educating potential customers, creating interest, and generating leads.

Custom Brochures Design

Custom designed brochures are really effective in educating potential customers, creating interest, and generating leads. At A2D Digital Media, we tailor-make our designs to specific business and industry needs.

We have more than a decade of experience working with businesses ranging from restaurants and auto shops to chemical manufacturing plants. Put simply, there is not a single company or industry we are not already experienced in working with. Not to mention that we utilize the most up-to-date digital equipment to insure the utmost reliability and quality possible.

We also offer quick turnarounds and consulting services so that businesses can take their brochure from idea to conception within a matter of days, not weeks.

At A2D Digital Media we’re able to deliver custom brochure designs so quickly because we’ve optimized our process hundreds of times in the past decade. We can complete small to medium sized projects within days, and large projects within weeks. Our process has been optimized to the point where it’s getting extremely difficult to optimize it any further.

The Benefit of Hiring Us For Your Custom Brochure Design Needs

There are thousands of companies around the U.S. that offer custom brochure design. What many of them don’t offer however, is design that is backed by hard data. Just about any website designer, graphic designer, or artist can figure out how to design a unique brochure within a few weeks. What they can’t figure out is what design elements and styles boost a brochure’s “conversion” rate.

Instead of just obsessing over making good looking brochures, A2D Digital Media also obsesses about designing brochures that generate the most leads and interest for businesses. With over a decade of experience in various industries, we know exactly what works. This means that we don’t have to go through time/money consuming trial and error periods. Unlike other businesses that are just starting out in custom brochure design, we do not charge the client for research in industries we should already have available.

A Note on Tri-Fold Brochures

Although Tri-Fold brochures are the most affordable brochures for businesses to design and print, they aren’t necessarily the most effective brochures. Tri-folds are typically called “rack brochures” because they are meant to be placed on racks with dozens of other brochures.

Basically, tri-folds are great for putting on racks and fitting with other default size brochures. They aren’t so great for standing out or being effective when given to potential customers in person or off of standard racks.

Unique Brochure Sizes

At A2D Digital Media we believe that the goal of brochures is to stand out and interest buyers to think about the business at hand, retain the content inside the brochure, contact the business, or visit the business’s website. Depending on the business’s sales funnel, we can also use brochures to generate sales directly over the phone or online.

By using various brochure sizes and folds, we can rely the important messages your business has to share in a unique way that stands out for potential customers.

Booklet Brochures

Booklet brochures are great for using as press kits, guides, event programs, and catalogs. They have many more pages and folds, but are very informative. A booklet brochure can fully explain multiple products and services of a business.

Presentation Brochures

When proposing a project solution to a business, sitting down with them and sharing a meaningful brochure can give the closer the edge he needs. We understand how important brochures are in proposals, and have worked with hundreds of freelancers and companies to create effective brochures for their presentations.

Getting Your Own Custom Designed Brochures

If you’re interested in getting a custom designed brochure for your business, give us a call at XYZ-XYZ-XYYX. At A2D Digital Media we are always focused on increasing ROI for our clients, whether they are using their brochures for education material or for closing proposal presentations. Get in touch with us to learn more about the services we offer, the needs we tailor to, and the different rate plans we offer.