E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

Stores that have an online storefront, whether it’s for all of their sales or for a small par, rely heavily on the effectiveness of their eCommerce solutions.

E-Commerce Development

Stores that have an online storefront, whether it’s for all of their sales or for a small par, rely heavily on the effectiveness of their eCommerce solutions. An online store will simply not succeed without the ability to convert their visitors and generate sales.

Every single part of a webstore’s design and functionality determines how many sales it can generate. In addition to having to worry about design and shopping experience optimization, online stores also have to protect their users’ credentials with the most up-to-date security protocols.

It can certainly be tough on small businesses to keep on top of all of the necessary requirements to succeed online. But that’s the great thing about online stores. If they are properly built, they have potential for limitless growth. As long as the foundation is there for a webstore to grow, it is a great opportunity for businesses.

Unlike a brick and mortar store which requires renting, buying, or building more business locations to grow sales, online stores are quick to scale. As long as the items being sold online are in inventory and the staff is large enough to maintain all the shipments and orders, an online store is virtually limitless in terms of growth.

At A2D Digital media we can get you setup as soon as possible in a manner and insure your success in the long-term. We’ll make sure that your eCommerce solutions are developed properly, optimized if necessary, safe for consumers, and ready to scale at a moment’s notice.

What’s Required to Start Selling Online?

Businesses that want to sell online will need a compatible merchant account. Instead of handling payments yourself over the internet and with your bank account, merchant accounts act as a front for payment processing. A merchant account such as Authorize.net will confirm all of the payments, check against fraud, and send profits to your bank account automatically.

PayPal is a simple merchant service which can be used for online stores, but professional solutions such as Authorize.net are an absolute must for medium to large-sized businesses.

Businesses that sell online also need to have a PCI-compliant web hosting plan (which A2D Distal Media offers) as well as SSL encryption. Without these security measures, hackers could gain access to your customer’s credentials and payment information. SSL encryption insures that all sensitive information is unreadable by hackers that may capture it over the internet, and PCI-compliant servers insure the highest degree of server-side safety.

Of course, to start selling online a business will also need an inventory with description, images, and prices. Most of the times we can integrate any type of database a business may already have with their eCommerce solution. If that’s not possible than we manually create new compatible database.

How Long Does it Take?

Before determining how long your project will take specifically, we will meet with you multiple times to build objectives, outline scope, and set exact deadlines. On average, it takes about two to six weeks for our team to build custom eCommerce solutions that are tailored to your business’s needs.

In addition to creating a custom front-end, we will also provide businesses with our state of the art back-end management system. A2D Digital Media’s management system makes it easy and reliable to manage inventory, shipping, and anything else an online store might need.