Flyers and sell sheets may seem as intrusive as email spam, but they are an effective form of advertising. Just like email marketing campaigns are effective when they have permission to send emails to certain people, flyer and sell sheets are effective which they aren’t used as spam.

Flyers are great for distributing via mail to subscribers, printed in newspapers, displayed on racks and holders, and used at shows. The whole idea behind using flyers is connecting with as many people as possible in a local and non-digital setting. Whether your business passes its flyers out during events, or it mails them, potential clients still end up receiving the flyers in a non-digital form. This is what makes flyers so effective, because they form a relation with potential clients that emailing and online advertisements can’t.

What Are Flyers and What Are Sell Sheets?

Sell sheets are printed on the same materials as flyers, but their contents differ in the sense that they outline product or service specifics. These specifics can range from features and benefits to pricing. Sell sheets are effectively a selling tool that your audience uses as a way to decide if they need your service or product, and which one they should pick if they do need something.

Flyers on the other hand bring attention to a call-to-action such as a discount or coupon. They also educate potential clients with various knowledge ranging from testimonials and case studies to sales copy.

Designing and Distributing Flyers with A2D Digital Media

Before we begin working with businesses on their flyer advertising campaign, we learn about their audience, budget, and business goals. At A2D Digital media we want to insure that the flyers and sell sheets we design are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Whether they are creating an informative flyer, or a comparison sell sheet, we want to align our design with their goals.

When meeting with businesses in the discovery stage, we also discuss the amount of information required on the flyer being designed. Not to mention that we also go over the distribution method before the flyers are designed. This way we tailor our design and sales copy to be effective with the distribution method desired, instead of being limited to a certain distribution channel later on because the design wasn’t appropriate.

Benefits of Working Hiring Us for Your Flyer Design

At A2D Digital Media we are obsessed with tracking the conversion, ROI, and any other relevant metrics of the flyers we design and distribute. Our advertising campaigns are always focused on the long-term. We don’t just design a flyer and run it. We design a flyer, run it, track it, and optimize it for further increases in ROI.

Our mission is always to reduce the costs of production and advertising for our clients, while boosting their lead generation and brand awareness.