Logo Designs

Logo Designs

A logo is the part of your brand that stands out the most and represents your business no matter where it’s displayed.

Logo Designs

A logo is the part of your brand that stands out the most and represents your business no matter where it’s displayed. Whether the logo is on your products or business cards, it helps your audience identify your business. The entire goal of the logo is to do exactly that, be extremely easy to remember and quick to recognize.

Common Mistakes Businesses Make in Their Logo Design

It may be tempting for businesses to “borrow” design elements from other popular logos such as Apple or Mercedes, but that will only hurt the image of the brand rather than help it. Just because other logos are already easily recognized doesn’t mean that incorporating their same elements will make the new logo as trustable in a certain industry. Any blatant imitation will certainly not look good to customers.

Another mistake business make in their logo design is not keeping it appropriate to their industry styles. A pizza shop for example might incorporate a caricature styled chef in their logo, as well as bright reds and a curvy font. Such a logo would look great in the food industry. Using a caricature researcher in a logo for a chemical manufacturing plant on the other hand may not look as good. Obviously you’d never see such an inappropriate caricature in a professional industry logo, but the idea still stands that businesses often fail to keep their logos within certain boundaries.

The idea of course is for business logos to be unique enough that they stand out from the rest of the competition. Standing out as an amateur or nut-case in an industry, is not what should be achieved with a logo. A caricature of a researcher will simply hurt a chemical manufacturing plant’s brand and sales.

Should I Redesign or Update My Logo?

If your business is successful, easily recognized, and has been in business for a few years then it is probably not a good idea to redesign your logo. Redesigns can leave potential and current customers confused about your business, what it offers, and whether or not they should trust it.

Look at Coca Cola’s can design for example: the old can had water drops all over the logo and can. Also the white font had a black drop shadow and the white stripe across the can had a grey texture all over it. Today the Coca Cola can no longer has water drops across it, the font no longer has a drop shadow, and the white stripe is a solid white all across.

When updating a logo and brand like Coca Cola did, it’s important to keep chances under the just noticeable difference threshold. If your customers can tell that your logo has been changed significantly, or they can’t recognize your new logo, then that’s going to create a lot of brand confusion.

For businesses that are just starting out, or have no choice but to rebrand, designing a logo from the ground up is a great idea.

Whether your business is looking to update or redesign its logo, it still has to consider some things such as the font, colors, shapes, and tone the new logo will incorporate. People are visual and a logo truly is worth a thousand words. The real challenge is making sure that every single one of those thousand words your logo ends up representing are in line with your industry and brand.

Here at A2D Digital Media we can work with businesses on designing or updating their logos. However, we go far beyond that and also offer brand consulting services that insure your logo is received by your target audience exactly as desired.