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SEO Services

The most crucial part in search engine optimization (SEO), is having your website developed properly so that it can be understood by search engines.

SEO Services

The most crucial part in search engine optimization (SEO), is having your website developed properly so that it can be understood by search engines. Without search engines being able to understand your site, they won’t be able to index it, and that means you will never get a shot at showing up on the first page. A website that wasn’t developed properly may not even show up in search results at all.

The most frustrating thing for business owners about on-site SEO is that they can’t change it or see it themselves.  If their developer didn’t code the site properly for search engines, the website owner won’t be able to notice the problems by just looking at their design and marking it off. On-site SEO is about the subtle changes, inconspicuous visible and invisible markup code that tells search engines exactly where to look on your site and how to index it.

Once on-site SEO has been taken care of, which ranges from developing the site properly to insuring that a sitemap is available for search engines to crawl, then it’s time to look at off-site SEO.

Off-Site SEO

Google is like a library catalog for the internet. If you walk into a library and search through their catalog for a book including the word “shark” in it, chances are you’re going to get the books that have the word “shark” in the title. That’s much more accurate after all, and this way you don’t end up with a fiction book that once mentions the word shark.

A more advanced library catalog might also recommend you shark books, based on how many times they’ve been mentioned in the other books. This is exactly how Google works.

A local dentistry website is much more likely to show up on the first result of a Google search for “Dentist in DC” if the site has been linked to from other reputable and local dentist sites. Google knows that if you’re mentioned by other sites, that you must be relevant.

SEO is not merely spamming. There was a time, a long time ago that is, when simply visiting other sites about your related topic and writing comments linking back to your site would boost your rankings. Today however, the search engine algorithms have become much more advanced so that this sort of gaming the system isn’t possible. Some “dark hat” SEO service providers have found ways to beat the system, but it’s often temporary and when Google finds out, the banning of your business site is permanent.

The best way to boost your website’s search engine ranking placement (SERP) to show up on the first page or even first spot for certain keywords is by creating a useful, information-rich site. Writing pages that clearly and accurately describe your content is important for on-site SEO so that search engines know exactly what your services and products are about, so that they can serve your website to search engine visitors looking for the same exact sort of business.

With our SEO service we analyze sites built by other developers to insure that they are compliant with all major search engines. If any errors are spotted we will fix them to insure necessary on-site SEO is present.

Then we will examine all of the content to check if targeted keywords are being used throughout the site. Sometimes we can add those keywords to your content if they aren’t present, and other times the content is completely rewritten by our professional copy writers. Re-writes are great because they insure that the sales copy is converting your visitors while also optimizing your search engine rankings further.



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