YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

If your business is not interested in YouTube organic audience growth, then they can always consider YouTube Paid Advertising.

YouTube Advertising

If your business is not interested in YouTube organic audience growth, then they can always consider YouTube Paid Advertising. It’s actually not a bad idea to utilize both of these advertising opportunities. Many fortunate 500 companies invest in organic SEO optimization while at the same time investing in paid search engine advertisements.

What makes YouTube advertising a bit confusing for businesses new to this sort of marketing method is all of the available options. There’s display ads which are bought by thousands of impressions for a certain rate, pay per click advertisements, as well as search ads. Just like with paid vs. organic traffic not necessarily being better than one or the other, this same principle applies to the different types of paid YouTube advertisements. Paid search advertisements aren’t necessarily better or worse than pay per click advertisements. It’s just a matter of testing enough options that it becomes clear as to what is most profitable, and what advertising campaigns need to be cut or optimized to become profitable.

Now this is where the problem with advertising arises: testing ten different ads in ten different ad placements is easy for a company to do, but it’s expensive. Instead of testing just about every possible ad creative and spending money on those failed campaigns, A2D Digital Media uses multivariate testing to speed up testing and minimize costs. Over the past decade we’ve been able to compress our paid YouTube advertising test process to the point where it is difficult to make it any more efficient.

Our YouTube Paid Advertising Process

The first step of the process is meeting with you locally, or remotely, to understand your business’s needs, budget, and target audience. Based on this information we will generate a timeline that includes expectations, due-dates for milestones, costs, and the desired target audience that will be reached. Not to mention that we will also go over the call to action goals, and develop one that will be effective in converting your audience into customers or clients.

The second step of our YouTube advertising process is media buying, which is basically purchasing the advertisements which will bring in visitors. The third step is then to report on the success of the campaign(s) running, and to optimize it so that the maximum profit per dollar spent in advertising is reached. We can also help optimize your ad campaign by demographic, age, time the ads should show, etc.

At A2D Digital Media all of our media buy costs and fees for the work is transparent. We will never hide the amount of actual media we bought in an attempt to earn larger profits. Some companies do this because if they can create a really efficient marketing campaign for only 10% of the media budget given to them, they can keep the rest while the business continues to profit off of a non-fully utilized campaign fund.