Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO

YouTube is a virtually limitless traffic source with a very large audience. The only problem is that the YouTube ecosystem is also very crowded.

Youtube SEO

YouTube is a virtually limitless traffic source with a very large audience. The only problem is that the YouTube ecosystem is also very crowded. In fact, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!

Businesses that are looking to stand out among millions of competitor videos may find the whole process of YouTube SEO ranking very confusing. It’s clear that the benefits of using video are worth it, because videos increase purchase intent by 85%, but it’s not quite clear how to get those videos to the desired audience. Sure, videos can always be shared through blogs, websites, emails, Tweets, Facebook messages, and other social media platforms, but they require a previously existing audience.

With YouTube however, businesses can gain exposure for their videos just from the YouTube audience itself. At A2D Digital Media we specialize in getting your videos found by relevant YouTube users, as well as getting them watched and acted upon.

Unlike other YouTube SEO companies that promise you’ll be ranking first for every desired keyword, but actually charge you step by step for an endless campaign, our charges are based on products. So instead of paying for an endless campaign every step of the way, with A2D Digital Media businesses pay for a package that will deliver certain marketing requirments.

Since we are so confident in our ability to successfully optimize your YouTube search engine rankings, we also offer 6 months contracts. Many SEO companies lock their clients into yearlong contracts which have to be carried out even if no SEO results are seen. At A2D Digital Media our 6 month contract insures that clients can determine even sooner if they are getting the results they pay for, and if not, the contract doesn’t have to be renewed.

How Does YouTube SEO Work?

The algorithms which determine the rankings of videos for certain keywords are always changing, but the recurring ranking factors include things such as: trust which is based on number of channel views and subscribers, title, keyword relevance and transcription, HD quality availability, attractive thumbnail, authority, external links, embeddings, and user reactions.

Our Quick Tips for Boosting Your Business’s YouTube SEO

While these tips alone may not be enough to get you ranked within the first five positions for your desired term, they will be enough to get you ranked at least on the first page for any reasonable desired keyword.

One of the most important things you can do to boost your YouTube SEO is to write super-long video descriptions. This insures that YouTube will be able to know more about your page. The more keywords and information there is on the  YouTube description, the more Google’s algorithms will be able to place what everything is about and what type of searches should turn up your video.

It’s also a really great idea to rank your videos around video keywords on Google searches. If you search for “funny cats” for example, the first few results will be video results. With local keywords it’s fairly easy to get your videos ranked in the top of search results that typically started with video results.

Getting more video views will also help your video’s YouTube SEO ranking. If you can post your video on relevant communities, like a video game review on a video game forum, then you’ll be able to gain more views which tell Google that your content is relevant and important to video gaming.

Another crucial aspect of optimizing video search results is asking your viewers to subscribe and thumbs up your content. As mentioned earlier, Google’s YouTube algorithms take viewer reactions’ into count. Videos that are better liked and creating subscriptions for YouTubers are going to rank much higher than those that are not.